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Pitchfork Forks its Logo - Brand New

Pitchfork Before/After

The Pitchfork rebrand hasn’t done it for me. It feels loose, untidy, and whilst the notched arrows in the ‘k’ are clever, it really feels like a missed opportunity.

It just plain looks funny.

Via discoverynews. Of course, millions of years of evolution is a myth. Just like physics and mountains.

Living Fossils

Snapping turtles as we know them first walked the earth some 40 million years ago, but they have been virtually unchanged over the past 215 million years of their evolution, according to Tortoise Trust.

Goblin sharks are also ancient — between 112 million to 124 million years old as a species.

Here’s a look at other living fossils (a term that Darwin coined while observing the platypus)